Julian, CA / Lake Cuyamaca

Although it might be small, Julian is one the most dog friendly towns we’ve been to! All the restaurant and shop owners are thrilled when we bring Chile to visit. The little street that makes up downtown Julian is a great place for a little stroll. We usually stop by the Julian Apple Pie Co or Mom’s for some pie and hot cider that we enjoy sitting outside with Chile.
On the way to Julian we’ve made it a tradition to make a pit stop at Lake Cuyamaca. I think there are few hiking trails around the lake but our favorite thing to do is a rent a paddle boat and move around the lake with Chile running back and forth watching the ducks. Fall is a great time to see gaggles of canadian geese that like to hang out at the lake and you can also purchase feed for them in the store where you rent the paddle boat.  There are also nice benches around the lake where we like to have a picnic lunch sometimes before heading into Julian.  The lake and/or Julian are also nice places to stop on the way back to San Diego from Anza-Borrego (post about Borrego coming soon).

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El Callejon

El Callejon is a delicious restaurant in Encinitas, CA that offers authentic Mexican fare in addition to being very dog accommodating.  The first time we went to El Callejon it was on a friend’s recommendation and we absolutely loved the food.  The second time we were at the dog beach in Del Mar and decided to drive up the coast a bit more for some mexican food.  Knowing that their patio is semi-enclosed we called ahead to ask if they would let our small, sweet, well-behaved dog dine outside with us.  The person on the phone told us that they only allow dogs in the hours between lunch and dinner.  I’m not sure exactly what these hours are but it was about two o’clock at the time and they let her come inside the patio.  The next time we found ourselves in Encinitas with Chile we just stopped by the restaurant without calling (it was about noon, high traffic lunch time).  I waited at the door holding Chile while Javi went in to ask if we could bring her inside.  (Another strategy we’ve learned over time is, if you have a backup plan, just show up to the restaurant with your dog.  They will be more likely to dismiss a person calling on the phone rather than a paying customer standing at the door. ) The hostess was very nice and actually asked a few of the other guests sitting around the open table on the patio if they would be disturbed by a dog sitting near them.  All of the other patrons said they wouldn’t mind at all so she let us come in.  We enjoyed another great meal at El Callejon and didn’t have to leave Chile behind!

345 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024-3552
(760) 634-2793

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My first post!

As all of our friends know Javi and I like to travel to new places, try new restaurants and just explore our beautiful city San Diego.  Also in all our expeditions we like to include Chile, our 7 year old miniature dachshund, as much as possible.  There are some websites out there that provide lists of dog friendly areas in certain places, but I’ve found most of these to be truly lacking in detail and completeness.  Obviously I don’t know of every dog friendly place and restaurant in the world either but I do know the places we’ve traveled to or frequent often and thought I would share them in this blog with others who might have the same idea as us and want to find outings where they can include their pups!

I’ll have to back log a  bit since we’ve just recently been on a few trips where we brought Chile along.  I will also include some places that might say “no dogs allowed” but if you take your dog at your own risk of being ticketed they might just look the other way.  =)

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